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Borneo Life FAQ

  • How did we get hacked by L3XX4R
  • Mr.
  • Sarawak and what it can offer to everyone behind it
  • Abolishing of Real Property Gains Tax
  • Why choose the service of Borneolife?
  • Why do people advertise on Borneolife website?
  • What service do you provide to advertisers?
  • How much do you charge and how can I pay?
  • How do I join?
  • How should my photos be configured for the best results?
  • Can I change the photos on my page at a later stage and/or add more?
  • Do you have any tips on what photos to display and how to present them?
  • Can I make changes to my advert once it has been published?
  • Can you make changes for me if I have problems or do not have easy access to a computer?
  • How can I improve the performance of my adverts?
  • Why can't I login?
  • When I try to upload photos to the site it always seems to time-out. What can I do?
  • Who can I speak to for help?

  • How did we get hacked by L3XX4R
    SQL injection, biatch.
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    Sarawak and what it can offer to everyone behind it
    With the recent announcement by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Sarawak has been earmarked amongst 6 regions in the country to be given full exemption status from corporate and income tax on 6 assisted industries - namely tourism, health care, logistics, financial advisory and consulting, creative industry as well as education. This will be a superjet shot in the arm and will catapult Sarawak into a higher level unknown before - all Sarawakians will benefit from it and as well as those who join in to support the cause.

    In the weeks to come the good news will finally sink in and then we will be in the position to find out the details of this important decision.
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    Abolishing of Real Property Gains Tax
    From 1 April 2007 Malaysia create the milestone by scrapping its Real Property Gains Tax legislation. This makes it more competitive compared with other countries offering tax exemption on realisation of profit on property sale. We believe that this opens up a new ground especially in the Far East region - a very exciting ahead.
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    Why choose the service of Borneolife?
    Borneo Life (borneolife) offers a very unique service, service with a difference.

    For Accommodation and ancillary services

    Borneolife offers premier self catering apartments situated in Santubong called the Santubong Suites apartments, some 20 miles away from Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA, in the island of Borneo. In addition it is offering self catering apartments in superb locations in Kuching city centre, close to shops, banks, food & entertainment outlets and shopping malls. These can be found at Riverbank Suites and Riverine Complexes.

    The facilities on offer here are similar to most decent hotels in Kuching except you get more for your money in terms of room, flexibility and scope. All apartments are priced at a fixed rate so you dont have to worry about tax and service charge. We also offer transfers so here is a saving to you.

    Borneolife can arrange for holiday packages on your behalf. This can be a round of golf, a trip to an island or a National Park or deep sea angling (based on season), a boat cruise along the mangrove swamp river watching proboscis monkeys or dolphins, an experience at cultural village, mountain trekking or a tour of the city where we could take part in pot making and design or traditional weaving. The choice is almost endless. Alternatively you can come up with 'things to do' list and we aim to meet it.

    For a search of property to buy

    Borneolife has available properties for sale. This may be an apartment or a house. Our speciality has been to deal with foreign nationals intending to buy properties in Kuching. In fact our clients come from as far as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Borneolife aims to provide a one stop delivery service. So if you bought a property through us not only will Borneolife assist you through all the purchasing procedure it can help you arrange a mortgage for the property and a loan for the furnishing if needed. It also offers a comprehensive management service to include sourcing of tenant, looking after it to keeping you up to date with most things essential. As part of this service we can assist you in the application of renewable visa and if needed the application of Malaysia My Second Home residence (MM2H)which Malaysia is currently and actively promoting to the outside world.

    Offer complimentary website posting for your accommodation

    Borneolife also offers you the opportunity to promote your accommodation free of charge under Accommodation Provider Section. Here you are given space to describe your accommodation and for your pictures. More details are enlisted on the FAQs.

    Other properties elsewhere in other parts of the world

    Borneolife through its associates has properties in selected countries to offer you for rent and sale. This could be in Cyprus, Dubai, Bali, the United Kingdom.

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    Why do people advertise on Borneolife website?
    Borneo Life offers a very unique opportunity for all Accommodation Providers. It welcomes EVERYONE with accommodation - hoteliers, bed & breakfast operators, holiday homeowners, second home owners and agents by opening a way to earn or enhance income through effective advertising online at NO COST TO YOU. You can advertise for either some of the time or all of the year round. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. There are no commissions to worry about – IN RETURN WE WANT YOUR SUPPORT and if possible have a link from your website to us.
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    What service do you provide to advertisers?
    Each advertiser gets an advertisement for his or her property, together with up to 6 colour photos (in JPEG format not exceeding 50KB each). You might have more than one property in which case it is your choice what to include but whatever it is the important thing is that viewers can get in touch with you. Therefore it is important that you leave a contact (whether by email, website or telephone) so that booking enquiries can be re-routed or forwarded to you directly. Advertisers are given spaces to display information such as a main description of the property and a detailed description that follows below it which you can include information like facilities and activities that are available, how to get there, tariffs/rates including telephone/mobile/fax and a link to their own website. Before you can advertise, you must register with us via Register with Us (see Homepage). Besides completing the details required advertisers are to provide a USER ID and PASSWORD. You can choose your own USER ID and PASSWORD so that you can access your details and make changes to your advertised page whenever and as often as you want. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.
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    How much do you charge and how can I pay?
    Advertisers pay NOTHING in return for their SUPPORT. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, efficient and extremely unique service to YOU, our customers.
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    How do I join?
    Joining is simple. Just follow the steps below:

    1. Click on Accommodation Providers 'Register wit Us' on the HOME page
    2. Fill in your contact details and make a note of the Id and Password so that you can logon to your account at a later stage.
    3. Click on Members Accommodation which then takes you to a template to add a new property. Complete the information showing you the Name, Town, Country and two sections of Property Description (one in Summary and the othwer in Property details). Please give your contact details including website, email and telephone number.
    5. You can also insert up to 6 photos - JPEG format (maximum of 100KB per picture)
    6. Lastly click Submit
    7. Borneolife will aim to review and activate completed adverts within 48 hours. If you need any assistance during the process we are more than happy to help. You can also ask us for assistance at any time using the Contact Us page on the website.

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    How should my photos be configured for the best results?
    Photos should be landscape in format otherwise they will be stretched horizontally to fit the spaces provided. They also must be jpeg files (.jpg ending to the image file). If you are able to set or resize the images we recommend setting them to roughly 500 pixels wide. The file size should be no greater than 50K otherwise they will take too long to appear for visitors to your page. You can normally edit your images on your computer using image software such as Paint, Paint Shop Pro or ACDsee, Adobe PhotoShop. If you struggle to sort your photos into this format you can email them to us at:
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    Can I change the photos on my page at a later stage and/or add more?
    You can logon to your account at any point to add more photos or replace previous photos for your page. To replace a picture, just add a new picture to where the old picture was previously and this will over-write the previous image.
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    Do you have any tips on what photos to display and how to present them?
    The first of the photos (top left) is also displayed on the search results page as a small thumbnail image representing your property so we recommend picking the best photo for this position. External shots work especially well here. Also take a look at the photos that you are using. Are they selling your property to its best ability? Do you have a good mix of internal and external photographs are they attractive and well-lit? Holidaymakers like to see what the interior looks like before even thinking of committing to a booking. They will also be keen to see any attractive scenic shots from the property or nearby if you are able to as this will help sell the area to the holidaymaker too.
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    Can I make changes to my advert once it has been published?
    When you register with you make your own id number and your own password. You can then use these at any point to logon to your account to add properties, change details, add/replace photos or request activation of a new property. We would recommend that you separately register for additional property.
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    Can you make changes for me if I have problems or do not have easy access to a computer?
    We unfortunately cannot offer an advert maintenance service to advertisers due to the nature of our site. We have invested a lot in building a site where advertisers can manage their own adverts and are keen to maintain our site's position as one of the best value and effective holiday home advertising sites on the web. It is therefore important for us to keep our overheads as low as possible. If you have any difficulties with the site however, we are more than happy to help explain how it works or sort out any problems - simply contact us.
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    How can I improve the performance of my adverts?
    There are many things you may be able to do to increase the effectiveness:
    • How much information have you provided on your page?
    We recommend including as much information about your property and the area as possible. If you mention windsurfing or golf, people looking for these activities are more likely to be given a link to your page from the search engines it is registered with. The more words on your page the more content that gets registered with the search engines for your page. Be sure to include all the words and phrases that you think potential visitors to your property may search for on the web.
    • How well are you selling the best features of your property?
    Remember the objective of your page is to sell your property - don't miss off any important attractions or features of your home.
    • Is your property appropriately priced?
    Take a look at other similar properties on this and other sites to see that you are not overcharging.
    • Do you provide sufficient information to your visitors?
    Specifically pricing, facilities, directions of how to get there. If there is an easy way to get to your area such as a cheap airline provider then tell people who they are and any useful information. Often if you don't answer visitors' questions they don't bother writing to ask, they just move on to another property that does.
    • It is important that you have listed the correct town and region spellings on your property page, as these will affect what traffic your advert attracts from the search engines we register your pages with.

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    Why can't I login?
    It may just be that you need to press the 'back' button and try again. If you have experienced consistent problems logging onto your account it could be that you have set your browser not to accept cookies. On your browser click on Tools, Internet Options, then click on the Privacy tab. Now click on the "Edit" button and where it says "Address of website" type in and click the "Allow" button. This will let your browser accept cookies from our site only. Please note that you need to then close your browser completely and open a new one for these changes to come into effect.
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    When I try to upload photos to the site it always seems to time-out. What can I do?
    If this happens you are probably trying to add photos that are too big for the speed of your internet connection. You ideally need to use an image editor to resize you images to just 550 pixels across and 480 pixels high. Failing this you may need to try to email it to us at:
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    Who can I speak to for help?
    If you ever have any problems with our site, please do use the contact us form, send an email to or call +60 (0)128899770 (9.00am-6pm Malaysia Time, Monday-Friday). We would prefer that you contact us via email as telephone calls could be expensive for you.
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