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Festivals & places of interest

"Increasing no. of Festivals in Sarawak's calender"

Sarawak is seriously promoting itself as a destination to come not only for its culture, adventure and nature but also for many festivals.

Already fixed in its yearly timetable are:

1) Rainsforest World Music Festival + Regatta - Kuching held at the beginning of July
2) Borneo Cultural Festival - Sibu
3)International Jass Festival + Yachting - Miri

This year being the Tourism Year, Sarawak in its contribution to the nation, is aiming to get 3.5m visitors and to achieve its target it is organising:

1) Miss Tourism Intercontinental
2) International Tatto Convention
3) Kaul Festival (in Mukah)
4) Tidal Bore (in Sri Aman)
5) Kite Festival (in Bintulu)
6) Pineapple Festival (in Sarikei)
7) Rafting (in Kapit)

Under construction to be completed at the end of 2007 will be one of the largest Chinese Heritage Centre outside China. It is located in Sibu and will be a centre of religions namely the teachings of Confucius, Taoist and Buddhism. It also will reveal history like legends and folklores of China.

Of course we still have the Mulu Cave, the most important of our heritage which is recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site. TV programmes in the recent past including those from the UK showed the richness of Borneo in particular what Sarawak has to offer in terms of flora and fauna - many species unseen in any parts of the world and also many sites untouched by humans for many centuries.

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