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TRAVELLER, CHINATOWN, Padungan Road, Kuching, Sara

Status: Available

Our homestay has been a result of years of contemplation and planning. In fact we came 'full cycle' from our past generations where they opened one of the town's first dwellings for travellers. Our intention is to complement it with our business as a coffee food outlet which has been operating for over 50 years, started by our father, Kee Tze. Our stylish and contemporary accommodation sits will with the general setting of Kuching Chinatown. Past residents and businesses, not unlike old town settings came and went but Padungan Road has re-invented itself as a place with a mix of shopkeepers, modern food and drink outlets, specialised shops and lodgings for tourists and local travellers. Many traditional trades can still be found along the street from those involving in culinary, snacks to herbs and entertainment. Some become household names and one even becoming a brand name worldwide for quick noodles. 

Homestay Traveller was born out from decades of family traditions and customs. First started by our forefathers 4 generations back who came to Kuching, Malaysia as farmers. Our business expanded and diversified. Some years later they came to live in Kuching 'Old Town' along India Street (Kekling Street) providing accommodation mainly for travellers. But after some good pepper harvests (Sarawak Pepper) the family bought the premises at Padungan Road where our father opened a typical Chinese coffee-shop as what commonly known as Kopitiam. The business exists until today. Actually it is flourishing where we still serve the famous 'Kaya & Toast' with Kopi O. Our widely known Pork Leg Rice (Too Kah Pui) also started at the same time. With more food variety added like noodles (Kolo Mee), Kuching Laksa, Curry Noodles and a range of snacks (Pau, Shoi Bee and Banana Fritters) and biscuits, our homestay visitors would have plenty to choose from for food and drink.

So those staying with us, travellers would get the chance of experiencing the great history of a small river town to becoming a vibrant city of what it is today. We've made our homestay as homely and private as possible, hopefully enabling a more memorable stay in Kuching.  



We have in total 4 rooms and a large dormitory/family room. Our daily rates are:

1) RM50 (with fan), RM58 (with air con) Sleep maximum for two persons)

2) RM25 per person (shared accommodation/family room)

We include 1 single meal for each room. 


Picture Gallery


Bedroom 4


Garden view


Dining area

Roof terrace view

Waiting area

Shared accommodation