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Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H)

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Status: Available

Borneo Life can offer assistance to foreign nationals when they consider applying for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program. The program would allow them to stay as long as possible but initially up to 10 years (depending also on the expiry of current passport) and is renewed on a social visit pass with a multiple entry visa. A few of our clients who bought properties opted for this program.

As a further attraction to coming to settle down in Malaysia the scheme offers great benefits and more details can be obtained from the official website at However for those interested in coming to settle in Sarawak are advised to look into the guidelines for Sarawak and this can be found at

Borneo Life is pleased to let you know that for Sarawak, a One Stop Agency was specially formed by the State Tourism Ministry to help applicants with their applications hence doing away with the need of an agent.



Malaysia is actively promoting the MM2H program. It is open to all foreign nationals recognised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, age or gender. The scheme allows them to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a renewable 10 year visa (depending on the expiring of passport). Applicants can bring along their spouses and unmarried children under 18. Those with Malaysian spouses apply under the Spouses Program separate from the MM2H.

There are great benefits joining the scheme. It is a Gov't backed initiative and therefore it is in the country's interest to ensure its success. Undoubtedly Malaysia has leapfrogged in its mindset to go all out to entice foreign nationals to come to its shore. As part of its recognition that foreign participation is very crucial at this day and age of globalisation, be this tourism (making 2007 the Visit Malaysia Year), or foreign investment in industry (Foreign Investment Initiatives of various guises over the years) and now with the right to stay, the country has a lot going for:

1) Standard of Living

Malaysia boasts one of the highest standards of living in South East Asia region mainly due to its relative prosperous economy endowed by a high level of skilled and educated workforce, filled with abundant natural resources and rich agriculture mainly because of good weather and away from the natural disaster zone area. As a result it has modern infrastructure, educational and medical facilities (enviable private health care) and technology to challenge any.


2) Cost of Living

Again it ranks as one of the lowest in the region due to prudent management of the economy. Malaysia is by no exception affected greatly by the rising fuel prices but still prices are reined in. One classic example is a litre of fuel still around 40 pence and a meal costs around a couple of pounds or Euros.


3) All round good weather

Again mother nature has been good here ensuring that there is plenty of rain and sunshine. Being by the Equator hence the Equatorial Rainforest belt, practically any suitable organism grows - a place abundant in food and fruits. As the vegetation seems to suggest it inevitably rains (as one of our clients used to say - BUT IT IS WARM!) in the afternoon well at least in some remote parts as one way or other global warming has taken its toll here.


4) Stability as a Nation

Malaysia has enjoyed uninterrupted control by its present elected multi party government since its independence in 1957. A nation made up of predominantly Malay, Chinese and Indian with other minor ethnic groupings and foreign nationals the country has enjoyed a steady growth over the years. Inherited from the British, the laws are very much in keeping with the British with English as one of the main languages of communication. The different races live harmoniously and tolerant of each other even though it is a Muslim country. All forms of religious worship are respected and in fact places of worship sometimes are located very closely together. In fact the very multi-ethnicity of the country draws people to come and live or experience from Malaysia.


5) Shopping

Like any modern country shopping, entertainment and recreation facilities are readily available. Prices are more often lower than elsewhere even for branded ones.


6) Educational and medical facilities

Again the country is promoting all these. Private education is offered by International Schools in most cities and major towns and private universities and colleges are available too, mostly affiliated with overseas universities through twinning programmes or other arrangements. Most doctors are trained overseas and private hospitals are growing offering private treatment at very reasonable prices. Medical tourism has become a fast growing industry. Education is considered to be of the highest quality at very reasonable cost. 





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