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Borneo Life Testimonial : Inspector Visits in Kuching

Inspector Visits in Kuching

We greatly appreciated the time that Vito took to show us available properties. We got to see for ourselves what was available, the price range and quality of apartments to give us some perspective. We got to know the good and desirable areas because Vito took so much of his time to show us a number of different places.

In addition, he provided a lot of information about Sarawak and Kuching. Not only did he get printed material such as newspaper and magazine articles, but we talked at length about the community, about politics and the economy. His local knowledge was very informative and gave us an insight into the type of community that we were considering moving into.

In all our dealings with Vito we found him very honest and forthcoming. At no time did we feel that he was trying to oversell the property or the community. He was very clear in promoting Kuching as a life style destination rather than a rapid growth market. He was as clear about the disadvantages as he was about the advantages.

We've come to think of Vito as a friend, and one of the many wonderful people of Sarawak.

Floyd & Farah Cowan (Singapore/Canada)

Testimonial by : Floyd & Farah Cowan, Singapore
Email Address :
posted: 2008-10-01

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